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Seeds Academy 

​ ​Seeds Academy: an Acton Academy, is a non-profit independent private school. It is an accredited Learner Driven school serving k-5 learners in Green Lane, Pa.  Seeds opened its inaugural Spark Studio (ages 5-7) and Discovery Studio (ages 8-11) in the fall of '23. Our mission is to grow to serve students K-12. ​​

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Summer at  Seeds '24

Seeds Academy is enrolling children ages 5-12 for Summer Program 2024. The program features nature-based programming, team-building activities, and introductions to outdoor activities such as gardening and beekeeping. 

Seeds Academy Mission:

The Seeds Academy learners will: 

- Establish a culture of belonging as we build our tribe.

-Work in a differentiated learning environment

      where learners move at their own pace toward mastery.

-Create and collaborate in cross-disciplinary challenges.

-Get outside in nature! 


The mission of Seeds Academy is to cultivate an educational environment where learners take ownership of their education.  Curiosity, independence, and creativity are the driving force behind each day. Through a balance of quests (organized units) and independent core skills (digital grade-level curriculum), learners will engage and grow in studios that defy the traditional educational boxes of age and standardization. Seeds Academy aims to have a cross-disciplinary approach where problem-solving and collaboration will support a love of learning and a sense of belonging. 

Seeds Academy was recently accepted into the Acton Academy Network. For information about why we chose the Acton model, consider the notes provided under the Acton Model. If there are still more questions, we are eager to engage in the discussion as we work toward building our dream school in service of the families in our local community. There is also a curated list of recommended media, if you are interested in researching the current (and future) state of education.

Enrollment Information

The Seeds Academy is accepting applications for young learners to join our Sparks and Discovery Studios. The current enrollment opportunities are for grades K through 5.

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