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Summer Program '24

Seeds Academy is enrolling children ages 5-12 for Summer Program 2024. The program features nature-based programming, team-building activities, and introductions to outdoor activities such as gardening and beekeeping. 

Summer Program at Seeds Academy: An Acton Academy


Our 6-week program, running from June 24th to August 1st, Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, is a unique and engaging opportunity for learners of all ages. Not limited to enrolled Seeds Academy students, this program is open to all eager minds. You may choose how many weeks you would like to spend with us! The cost is $250.00/week. Sign up through Tuio to register which weeks your camper will be joining us. 














Inspired by our learner-driven philosophy, the summer sessions mirror the empowering atmosphere of our school year. We prioritize outdoor experiences, ensuring that participants have ample time in the fresh air. As part of our adventurous agenda, we'll embark on excursions to Green Lane Park for fishing, fostering a connection with nature and instilling a love for exploration.

The program is not just about fun; it's about building skills and
fostering a sense of self and community. Through team-building activities, critical thinking exercises, and fascinating discussions, participants will enhance their problem-solving abilities and collaborative spirit.













July brings an exciting venture into beekeeping, with a unique Quest centered around harvesting honey. Participants will delve into the world of beekeeping, gaining hands-on experience and understanding the vital role bees play in our environment.

As stewards of the earth, our learners will also tend to our garden, learning the principles of cultivation and sustainability. The summer program is a holistic experience that combines education, adventure, and community, making it an enriching journey for every participant.

Join us for a summer filled with growth, discovery, and loads of fun at Seeds Academy: An Acton Academy! Contact with any questions

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