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About Acton Academy

Acton uses the latest interactive technologies to support independent learning. Acton harnesses the best of Montessori methods: mixed-age classrooms, student choice within limits, large blocks of work time, learning through “discovery,” and freedom of movement in the classroom.

Watch the original Acton Founders Laura and Jeff Sanderfer discussing the overview of the "Acton Network"

-Every Acton is Learner Driven

-Every Acton is unique to the Founder's vision 

-Every Acton prioritizes curiosity and experiential learning

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All Acton Academy schools are part of the Acton Network, which allows for the sharing of curriculum materials, project-based learning ideas, studio planning, and staff development for the Guides. As part of the International Association of Learner Driven Schools, The Seeds Academy will feature a digital curriculum to develop core skills, Socratic discussions to promote critical thinking, and other activities to promote problem-solving, spark discussions, and apply learnings through hands-on projects. 

Rather than teachers leading the discussion, Guides facilitate learning by fostering independence, supporting troubleshooting and strategizing, and helping the learners maintain the classroom norms and contracts. Instead of grade levels, students are grouped in studios of mixed ages. There is an emphasis on play, passion learning, and exploring the world inside and outside of the studio. It is a learner-driven environment focusing on creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative discussions.

Acton Academy Mission

We believe each person who enters Acton Academy will find a calling that changes the world.


We promise through Socratic guiding and experiential learning to encourage each member of our community to:

  • Begin a Hero’s Journey;

  • Discover precious gifts and a commitment to mastery;

  • Become a curious, independent, life-long learner;

  • Embrace the forging of a strong character;

  • Cherish the arts, the physical world, and the mysteries of life; and

  • Treasure economic, political, and religious freedom.


  • We believe each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.

  • We believe in learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be.

  • We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners.

  • We believe in economic, political, and religious freedom.

Acton Academy

There is no better substitute for an introduction to Acton Academy than visiting the website. There, you can see the hundreds of schools that operate within the Acton Network, all with an individual take on what type of small school will best serve their community. The Seeds Academy will be the 5th Acton Academy to open in Pennsylvania.

The Seeds Academy and Acton

In the media recommendations, we provided a variety of educational texts that influenced us, as educators, to want our own children in an Acton Academy. If you are curious about what gave us momentum to move in this direction, please refer to the curated list or reach out to us directly. The Acton model is not for every family, but for those whose educational philosophy aligns with ours, it could be an ideal fit. ​​

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